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Treating Homeopathically

The numbers after a remedy refer to the number of homeopathic steps (dilution and succussion) used in the preparation of the medicine. As a general rule, the higher the number, the more biological activity. This general principle should be followed: give up to six doses of the appropriate medicine, 15 to 30 minutes apart. If relief is noted, then increase the interval between subsequent doses progressively till adequate relief has occurred. Typically, a progressive doubling of dose intervals works well, eg hourly, then every second hour, every four hours, etc. Once again it is important to stress that if relief is not seen in six doses, 15 to 30 minutes apart then urgent medical reassessment must be made.


Homeopathic first aid remedies:

Arnica 30cH

In cases of blunt injury, such as falls, sprains or even over-use such as after a hard day's hiking, several doses of this will stimulate healing and relieve pain.

For acute non-specific inflammation as in early colds.

Aconite 30

Helps with the sudden effects of exposure to heat, cold and emotional shock when they result in triggering of a latent infection. For example, colds appearing after a chill in the night air.

Belladonna 30

Acts on organs influenced by the autonomic nervous system such as blood vessels and bowel when sudden inflammation strikes these. Throbbing pains and high fever are usually a feature when Belladonna is needed.

Chamomilla 30

Acts to regulate the over-wrought nervous system, particularly if a result of difficult teething. These all can act to assist in the management of mild to moderate fevers in conjunction with conventional medical care. As always, if fever is high, or no relief is seen in six doses, seek urgent medical opinion.

Podophyllum 30cH

Rapidly assists most cases of mild nonspecific diarrhoea in conjunction with fluid and electrolyte replacement. If there are signs of dehydration (progressively dry mouth, decreasing urinary output and lethargy), seek urgent medical advice.

Colocynth 30cH

Acts on spasm, especially uterine and intestinal cramping associated with menstrual and digestive disturbances. Spasms of other muscles may well be helped too, especially when there is relief from firm pressure and the application of heat. At times this type of spasm is worsened if the patient becomes angry for some reason. If so, Colocynth is even more likely to prove effective.

Ignatia 30

Acts on syptoms caused by grief and which are typically associated with spasm. Sighing, lump in the throat sensation and even hiccups may all be rapidly helped.

Nux vomica 30cH

Many cases of digestive and general upset after dietary indiscretion can be overcome by Nux vomica. Overindulgence in rich food and drink is dramatically helped by this medicine after a few doses, 15 to 30 minutes apart. Evil-tempered children are rapidly restored to their sweet selves after the dietary horrors of birthday parties.

For further information on homeopathy including details of homeopathic doctors in your area, please contact the Faculty of Homeopathy. Courses in homeopathic home care are also available through Homeocare, 55 North St, Thame, OXON OX9 3BH